I’m Joshua Rubin. Artist. Father. Skateboarder.

In high school I was a TV editor/director, this along with my abstract art granted me a scholarship to Columbia College of Chicago. As a teaching assistant in television production/directing at CCC, I learned the necessity of structure and gained admiration of its precision and intricate balance. I then landed a gig as a summer intern at WXYZ, ABC 7 in Detroit. Working with such a diverse group of people allowed me to gain a deep understanding for the importance of skilled collaboration, direct communication and (as simple as it sounds) active listening, all of which have stayed with me and helped shape the professional mantra I have today.

Currently, I split my time between gnarly skateboarding ventures, Maxi Container, and my two beautiful daughters. Skateboarding has been my world since the ripe age of 11 and almost 20 years later, I’m not stopping! Check out my video and photo pages to dive into the raw world of skating and explore the filmmaking mayhem that ensues. A grownup slap in the face came with the birth of my first daughter in 2007 and I joined the family business, Maxi Container. Maxi was built from the ground up by my great grandfather and is one of the leading packaging company in the Eastern US. Working as the Creative Director and more recently expanding into sales, I spent my time organizing and implementing a multitude of new components and updates. Maxi now has new websites, advertising campaigns (both print and digital) and increased SEO/SEM ranking. I blogged, did email marketing and planned events. I also created two new lines for Maxi, miwinebarrel and mirainbarrel. I hold these brands close to my heart and used them to connect and contribute to our local communities. miwinebarrel has sponsored the last three Michigan Wine Conferences, bringing products and knowledge to many Michigan natives. mirainbarrel provides rain barrels to residents and businesses around the country. Offering educational workshops on water conservation, creating events with both Sierra Club and Heidelberg Project, mirainbarrel works to preserve Detroit’s watershed.

While I thrive in the structure learned in my earlier years and am grateful for my time with Maxi, I am looking to expand my creativity. I’m incredibly drawn to the chaos of abstraction. I find many of the components to film editing and abstract art are interchangeable and tap into my non-linear way of thinking. These things have allowed me to cultivate a multitude of various techniques I’ve used in both experimental film and other non-traditional film settings. While I hope to continue with the brands I created through Maxi, I’m searching for a path that will allow me to utilize the vast amount knowledge and experience I gained through marketing and sales work with Maxi while also allowing me to express through filmmaking and design.

I’m Joshua Rubin. Balancing life with two little girls. Skateboarding every moment in between.


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